Los Angeles–based electronic house music producer Gaspar Fuego has been busy launching new imprint De Ambiente Fuego, record label, event company, and talent agency. Emerging in this new era as an Emmy award music producer, Gaspar has debut with winning original track “Hey Lyla“, a catchy disco pop classic that showcases his versatility in style.

Performing for both Orange County and Riverside County Pride Festivals, Gaspar’s vision is to uplift trans, gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals with quality music and inclusive safe-space events encouraging fashion, art, and sexual expression. Gaspar has hosted De Ambiente Fuego events at The Yost Theater (Santa Ana), Precinct (Downtown LA), Falcon North (Long Beach), and the Riverside Convention Center.

Ending 2023 with disco house release “Let The Music Take Your Mind” with ETC!ETC! and Jeremiah Red, Gaspar hosted a release party at Jianghu in Alhambra on November 25th, 2023.

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